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A few important points regarding paragliding during the winter season:


The winter landing field ”Bozon” at the bottom of the ski lift.

Landing here is tolerated by the owners ONLY when there is snow covering the field.

When there is no or little snow we are not authorised to land here and we ask all pilots to respect this until the snow returns.

Thank you to those pilots who have already freely chosen to not land here.


Clos du Savoy & Bois du Bouchet landing fields.

It is currently forbidden to land at the Clos du Savoy (used for downhill skiing & children’s sledging) and the Bois du Bouchet (used for cross country skiing & children’s sledging).


Argentiere landing

Some pilots have been landing in Argentiere close to the cross country ski trails. The Town Hall has, justifiably, received complaints about this practice that is both dangerous & illegal. It is easy to imagine the consequences of a paraglider or speed rider with a cross country skier. We are trying to arrange a winter landing in Argentiere.


Plapnraz launch area

Landing on the take off area is formally forbidden for safety reasons. Please be careful to keep a reasonable safety margin from the ski trails, ski lifts and when overflying the launch area.


In order to preserve our playground, it is essential that we respect these basic rules. Please help us by politely informing visiting pilots.


Thank you for your attention and cooperation.


Have a great flight !


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